FinTech and the Law: Get Ready to Provide Legal Services for FinTech


The rapid application of modern technology to the finance industry has led to the emergence of a new industry known as FinTech. Fintech companies now compete against traditional banks, brokerages, insurance companies and other intermediaries to provide financial services to businesses and individuals in more innovative and efficient ways.

The adoption of FinTech has vast implications for the legal profession. How do these new business models interact with the established legal system? Has the nature of risk changed with the adoption of the new technology? How is the regulatory environment changing to meet the challenges posed by FinTech?

There is an urgent need for members of the legal profession to stay ahead of the curve and be equipped to provide counsel on the new technology, its impact on business, and the requirements of the new regulatory landscape. The law firm of the future and legal services will inevitably need to embrace fintech and the ongoing digital disruption as well as restructure themselves to meet the needs of clients and the public in the very near future. This presents challenges and opportunities for lawyers, in particular for those who are prepared to embrace new ways of working and new technology changes.

Focus Exchange is collaborating with the Bar Council to host this seminar to bring key FinTech industry experts to network with members of the Bar. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to meet cryptocurrency and cybersecurity experts and decision-makers from digital start-ups. The seminar will also give them a better understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with the adoption of FinTech.


DIGITAL BANKING: Learn how FinTech is disrupting our traditional banking industry, opening up new areas of risk and opportunity that currently lack governance and oversight. Regulator compliance: This session focuses on everything you need to know about the gap between technology and regulation. Find out more about the regulatory framework and gain new initiatives. Better understanding of Bank Negara’s.

BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCIES: A high level overview on blockchain technology and virtual currencies, their cutting-edge uses and applications, and how the technology is changing the future of money.

CROWDFUNDING AND PEER-TO-PEER LENDING: Discover the viral effect of peer-to-peer lending, and why there are different legal implications for different of platforms.

CYBERSECURITY: Understand the current issues related to cybersecurity threats and the legislative framework that is needed to deter ongoing online threats and cybercrimes.

DISRUPTION OF PAYMENTS: Learn about the disruption of the payment industry and how businesses are rushing to adapt to the FinTech economy.

FINTECH & MONEY LAUNDERING: Learn whether FinTech transactions are legal or do they breach existing banking, securities and anti money laundering laws.


- Regulators
- Chief Financial Controllers, Finance Directors and Finance Managers
- Practicing Lawyers
- In-house Legal Counsels
- Bankers and Insurance Practitioners
- Auditors, Accountants and Company Secretaries
- Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capital Investors
- Pupils in Chambers


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Places are limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Cancellations must be made in writing. The organiser reserves the right to modify, cancel or postpone the event, should circumstances arise that makes such action necessary.

Points for the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme will not be awarded to Members of the Bar and pupils in chambers who arrive more than 15 minutes late, are not present throughout the event, or leave before its scheduled end.

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Thu Sep 14, 2017
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM MYT
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Venue Address
Raja Aziz Addruse Auditorium Malaysia
Focus Exchange